We offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for your wealth needs across various asset classes.
We offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for your wealth needs across various asset classes.

Investment Products

Mutual Funds

  • We offer Mutual Fund products across different asset classes from 25+ Asset Management Companies
  • An experienced research team conducts in-depth due diligence and scheme selection based on qualitative and quantitative parameters of performance and risk

Portfolio Management Services

  • We have PMS offerings from leading product providers
  • Suite of PMS offerings across Equity, Debt, Real Estate and Discretionary / Non Discretionary
  • Continuous monitoring and in-depth research on portfolios of various PMS strategies

Primary/ Secondary Debt

  • Basis our research view, we offer range of debt instruments across time duration and credit quality
  • Investment options include Corporate fixed deposits, Corporate Bonds, Non Convertible Debentures, Tax Free bonds and 54 EC bonds

Alternate Investment Funds

  • Our AIF offerings are catered to meet your evolved investing needs
  • Investment options include Long Short Funds, Real Estate, Absolute Return Funds, Debt, IPO / Pre-IPO Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital

Market Linked Debentures

  • Our offering encompasses both principal and non principal protected structures
  • Spectrum of structured ideas include Fixed Coupon, Auto Call/ Basket of stocks & Nifty / Index Linked

Real Estate

  • Invest in 20+ cities in India and 10+ countries globally
  • Invest in Properties with purpose of either capital appreciation or earning rental yield
  • In liaison with our partners, we aim for end to end transactional support & high levels of transparency

Offshore Products

  • Offshore funds offer investors access to international markets
  • Enhance portfolio diversification through exposure to global markets and different currencies as part of overall asset allocation

Estate Planning

  • We value the legacy created by you and the importance of its preservation & succession planning
  • Benefit from our selected network of partners for advice on Wills, Trusts, and other tax efficient ways to ensure your wealth is best structured for the beneficiaries and future generations

Unlisted Securities

  • Unlisted securities are traded over the counter in private markets
  • We facilitate transactions of Delisted, Unlisted, Pre- IPO Indian Equities to sophisticated investors


  • Our wealth products solutions are complete with efficient Tax planning
  • In liaison with our partners, we oversee taxation in relation to transactions, compliances and structuring