Aging Parents' investment plan Calculator

Calculate the time and investment required to secure your parents future

Current Age of Your Parent?
What is your parent’s present age?
50 years100 years
Planned Support Age
When do you wish to start supporting your parents?
50 years100 years
Monthly Expenditure
Monthly expense to maintain your current lifestyle
20K5 Lac
Expected Inflation
Your expectation on inflation
0 %20 %
Expected Returns On Investment
Your expectation of returns on this planned investment
5 %20 %
Expected Returns on Ageing Parents Support Corpus
Your expectation of returns on the this corpus
0 %20 %
Life Expectancy
Years your parents will live
60 years100 years
Do You Have Any Existing Savings?

Aging Parents Corpus


Required amount (inflation adjusted)

What is the aging parents' investment plan?

An aging parents' plan is a financial strategy that can help secure the financial future of elderly parents and protect them from potential financial hardships. The ultimate goal of having an aging parents investment plan is to ensure that elderly loved ones do not have to worry about finances during their retirement years and can rest easy knowing they have adequate support if needed.

Why should you have a plan for aging parents

People need to have an aging parent investment plan in place as they grow older. Having a plan can give peace of mind to both the parent and you, helping them plan for the future and ensuring that your parent’s needs are taken care of. This can be especially pertinent in cases where the parent has limited financial resources.

A major benefit of having an aging parent investment plan is that it could help reduce worries about money and other financial issues. Coming up with a financial plan that allows older family members to live comfortably and securely is essential; this could include ideas such as budgeting, investing, and long-term care insurance policies.

How do you financially plan for aging parents?

Here are some tips for creating a financial plan for your parents:

  1. Review their current financial situation – Understand how much income and assets your parents currently have. This includes pensions, savings, investments, insurance policies, real estate investments, etc. Make sure you understand their debts and liabilities as well.
  2. Estimate their future needs – Estimate the amount of money they will need in retirement to maintain the same lifestyle they enjoy now. Calculate the cost of living expenses such as groceries, utilities, taxes, entertainment, and any other costs associated with aging (such as medical costs).
  3. Evaluate sources of income – Understand what sources of income your parents currently have available and if necessary work with them to create additional streams of income from Social Security benefits, pensions, or part-time employment opportunities
  4. Invest intelligently – You should invest money that your parents cannot afford to lose in low-risk investments such as bonds and mutual funds that offer regular interest payments or capital gains over time. You should also diversify your portfolio by investing in different asset classes so that no one sector dominates its overall returns.
  5. Create an emergency fund – Create an emergency fund so that if your parents ever find themselves in a difficult financial situation, they can access funds quickly without having to borrow money at high-interest rates or taking out predatory loans
  6. Maximize government benefit programs – Ensure that your parents qualify for all applicable government benefit programs such as Medicare or Medicaid so they can reduce the cost of medical care expenses throughout retirement
  7. Purchase long-term care insurance – Long-term care insurance is designed specifically to protect retirees against the high cost of long-term care services such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities if needed later on in life

By following these steps when creating a financial plan for aging parents you can ensure that they remain safe and secure throughout retirement while being able to enjoy life without worrying about finances!

What are the benefits of using the Ageing Parents Calculator?

The aging parents' investment plan calculator is an extremely useful tool for securing parents' financial futures and reducing financial hardships. It can help you determine how much money you will need to save and invest to let your parents age gracefully and comfortably. One of the most valuable benefits of using this calculator is its ability to estimate how much money will be needed for investments and expenses.