Secure Your Parents’ Future

A goal based investing approach can help you secure your parent's future while they are ageing.
Aging parents investment plan calculator

Points to consider to support your ageing parents

Need Assessment

Your aging parents will eventually need help managing their finances. As their child, it's important that you understand their needs and plan to meet future expenses easily.

Health Condition & Diseases

As your parents age, it's important to stay up to date on their health condition and any diseases they may have. This way, we can plan and invest accordingly to ensure they're taken care of in their later years.

Financial Planning

There are a number of ways to save and invest your money to meet your ageing parents' future needs. We can, for example, invest in mutual funds or put money into a health insurance plan.

Contingency Funds

Contingency fund can be used if your parents need help paying unexpected emergency expenses. No one knows exactly what the future will hold, but investment planning can give you some peace of mind

Aging Parents' investment plan Calculator

Calculate the time and investment required to secure your parents future

Current Age of Your Parent?
What is your parent’s present age?
40 years100 years
Planned Support Age
When do you wish to start supporting your parents?
50 years100 years
Monthly Expenditure
Monthly expense to maintain your current lifestyle
20K5 Lac
Expected Inflation
Your expectation on inflation
0 %20 %
Expected Returns On Investment
Your expectation of returns on this planned investment
0 %20 %
Expected Returns on Ageing Parents Support Corpus
Your expectation of returns on the this corpus
5 %20 %
Life Expectancy
Years your parents will live
70 years100 years
Do You Have Any Existing Savings?

Goal - Aging Parents Corpus


Required amount (inflation adjusted)

Frequently asked questions

What can I do to help my parents age gracefully?
As your parents get older it’s important to make sure that they have everything they need to live the rest of their life comfortably. but what’s the best way to do it. Should you give them money? Pay their bills? Buy them an assisted living facility? There are several things you can do to support your parents as they age—you just need to be smart about it by start thinking about how you can invest in your parents' future and help them age gracefully.
What are some of the best ways to care for my ageing parents?
One of the best ways to take care of your ageing parents is by investing and buying a health insurance or life insurance plan for them. As your parents will be ageing, they will encounter biological and mental health issues more than anything else. All they will be needing is regular medical checkups and treatments. Getting an insurance plan for them will allow you to stay on top of any health concerns they may have, and ensure that they are getting the proper treatment.
Why creating an investment plan is crucial for ageing parents?
An important part of aging parents’ lives is making a financial plan. This plan can help ensure that they have the money they need to cover their costs as they age. Things that should be included in an investment plan for aging parents include: retirement planning, health care costs, long-term care, insurance and estate planning.

Making an investment plan is essential for aging parents. By taking the time to create a plan now, you can ensure that they have the money they need to cover all of their costs as they age.

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