Reasons to use our portfolio management services

Our top-tier portfolio management services offer you above-average returns, while our superior customer service ensures a positive experience.

Unbiased approach
We strictly follow the bottom-up approach, and all companies must clear our careful and detailed checklist. We are not limited or have any biases found within several firms pledging to invest only on the basis of quality, growth, earnings momentum, or value. We do not mimic any index and consider companies in all industries.
Unparalleled Research
We look for businesses generally ignored by the investment community and under-researched or under-owned. Our goal is to be early in the discovery process to capture the maximum earnings growth potential. We have a knack for identifying small and mid-cap companies.
Long-term Outlook
We invest with the long-term perspective, looking for growth and potential rerate opportunities. This approach allows us to take advantage of potential improvements while minimizing risk. We believe this strategy leads to better investment returns over time.
Concentrated Bets
Our concentrated portfolio approach allows us to focus on high-conviction ideas and limits downside risk. Our maximum investment in a position is 10% and in a sector is 30% on a cost basis. This disciplined approach helps us stay focused on the best opportunities and manage our risk.
Personalized Investment Services
We offer personalized investment services to provide customized solutions for everyone. Our goal is to help you reach your financial goals, whether they are saving for retirement or investing in a child's education. We are here to help you make the most of your money and make smart investment choices.
Expertise that Matters
Our professionals have won several awards as they continue to perform every year. Our experience in the industry is unmatched, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service.

Our clients love us.

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I know the team of Equirus for 10 years now and I have been with Equirus-PMS for three/four years. It has been a very satisfying experience working with them.

Mr. Mohib Khericha
Managing Director – Chairman TD Power Systems Limited
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Frequently asked questions

What is Portfolio Management Service (PMS)?
Portfolio Management Services (PMS) offer professional management of investment that aims to deliver risk-adjusted returns to their clients.
What are the types of PMS?
Non-Discretionary – The fund manager works following the client.

Discretionary – The decision of investment rests solely on the fund managers.

Advisory Portfolio – Under this Portfolio Manager only suggests investment ideas. The decision and execution rest solely with the clients.
Who is the ideal PMS Investor?
The ideal PMS investor is someone who is looking for a more personalized investment solution and wants to invest in asset classes such as equity, structured products, and fixed income. They should be high-net-worth clients or institutions.
What is the ideal investment time period for Equirus PMS?
Ideally, a client investing in PMS should consider anything between a 3+ year horizon, as it’s a personalized and focused investment strategy.
Does Equirus PMS have any lock-in period?
Equirus PMS does not have a lock in & clients are free to redeem or add funds at any time they want.
How can the funding of PMS be done?
Clients can directly fund the amount they wish to invest with a minimum of 50 Lakhs. We also provide the option to our clients of direct stock transfer.
Do all investors require to open a Demat account for PMS services with Equirus?
Yes. For investment in listed entities, an investor must open a Demat account and ensure that the account is maintained by the investor in his/her name.
What is the difference between PMS & mutual funds?
PMSMutual Fund
Provides personalised access to Professional Money Manager & their servicesProvides access to Professional Money Management services.
Portfolio can be customised to investors specific needNo Customisation Possible
Minimum Investment -50 lakhMinimum investment -5000/-
Can an NRI invest in Equirus PMS?
Yes, an NRI can invest in PMS through NRE or NRO account. There are some additional documentation required in such cases.
Is partial withdrawal allowed in Equirus PMS?
The clients can withdraw the partial amount from their PMS. The value of the investment in the portfolio after withdrawal shall not be less than the minimum investment amount.

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