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Offshore Investment funds & Products

Further the diversity in your wealth with offshore investments or foreign funds from any part of the world.
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Offshore Investment products

Features of our offshore or international products

Trusted by over a thousand of HNIs & UHNIs

Offshore Investment Advisory
Our offshore investment experts provide valuable advice and guidance on the various options available in international markets.
Wide Range of Offshore Products
Wide range of offshore products offering a variety of investment options to suit different investment goals and risk preferences.
NRI Investments in India & International Made Easier
Boost your investments as an NRI with our offshore funds, offering access to both Indian and international markets with international currency options.
Transparency & Reporting
Transparent and regular reporting to help investors stay informed about their offshore investments, and monitor their performance.
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Reasons to invest with us in offshore funds

Diversify your wealth globally with offshore funds

Best in the business

Well-researched selective funds by our experts

Access international markets

Easy for NRIs to invest in India & international markets


Diversify your portfolio beyond the domestic market

Invest using INR

Invest using INR in international funds without hassle

Capitalize Trends

Capitalize on the economic trends and growth potential of certain countries

Hassle free

Fewer hassles & documentation compared to other investment options

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Frequently asked questions

What are Offshore Funds?
Offshore Funds are investment vehicles that are domiciled outside of India, typically accepting funds in international currencies like the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, etc.
Can Offshore Funds invest in Indian markets?
Yes, Offshore Funds can also invest in Indian markets, offering an easy option for NRI investors to invest in India using international currency.
What are the guidelines and regulations that Offshore Funds follow?
Offshore Funds follow the guidelines of the domicile country as well as the regulations of the country in which they invest.
Can Offshore Funds invest in other funds domiciled in different countries?
Yes, Offshore Funds can directly invest in other funds domiciled in different countries, including but not limited to India.
Are Offshore Funds exposed to currency risks?
Yes, Offshore Funds can be exposed to currency risks as the currency denomination of investment subscription and target country can be different.
What are the benefits of investing in Offshore Funds?
Offshore Funds offer the potential for diversification, access to international markets, and the opportunity to capture growth in specific countries or sectors.
What is the minimum investment required for Offshore Funds?
The minimum investment requirement for our offshore funds is USD $100,000.
What is the role of Wealth Management companies in Offshore Funds investment?
Wealth Management companies can assist investors in selecting suitable Offshore Funds and offer expert advice on investment strategies and risk management.
Are there any tax implications for investing in Offshore Funds?
Yes, there may be tax implications associated with investing in Offshore Funds. Investors are advised to consult a tax professional for specific information related to their situation.

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