HNI Broking & Research Services

Exclusive investment insights for high net worth individuals & research services.
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Account opening

Steps to open a demat & trading account with Equirus Wealth

  • Step 1: Validate your Mobile number and Email id through OTP
  • Step 2: Complete the PAN verification
  • Step 3: Add your Personal details
  • Step 4: Add your Bank details
  • Step 5: Select your Plan
  • Step 6: Upload your KYC proofs
  • Step 7: Review & confirm your details

HNI Broking & Research Services

Comprehensive solutions for personalized HNI broking

Our Philosophy
Client-first approach remains at the core of our philosophy to ensure that we remain focused on our client's long-term goal of wealth creation.
What We Offer
We offer both offline and online trading options to our clients, ensuring efficient and faster trade executions. Additionally, we provide Demat and research-related services to our clients.
Strong Focus on Stock Selection
We believe in a bottom-up idea generation process and our stock idea filtration is based on strong research parameters. We regularly work on generating and refining ideas to stay updated on industry trends and assess opportunities. We also keep a close eye on recommended stocks, making adjustments if needed to maintain the desired portfolio performance.
Ease of Execution & Portfolio Reporting
Simplicity in terms of execution by just calling up our team on a recorded line or an email. Besides 24x7 access to portfolio reports. We also provide capital gains reports for ease of tax filing.
Dedicated Relationship Manager:
We ensure that our clients remain updated with market & regulatory updates. We provide dedicated relationship managers to help you with your specific queries.

Why choose our HNI broking services?

Comprehensive and personalized investment services

Led by top business minds

We are driven by the leadership pool guided by core values of client centricity, integrity & trust.

Expertise in handling HNI clients

Plan everything from scratch with ultra-personalized services.

Always reachable

Our RMs understand your interest in investing toward making an impact & help you preserve your wealth

Safe & secure digital platform

We proactively monitor cybersecurity landscape and work with trusted partners to improve our defences.

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Frequently asked questions

What is HNI Broking?
HNI broking is a personalized investment service for high net-worth individuals.
Who are HNI Brokers?
HNI brokers specialize in working with high-net-worth individuals, providing personalized attention.

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