India Wealth Management Forum 2023

Mumbai, August 30 2023

In India Wealth Management Forum 2023, hosted by Hubbis at The St. Regis in Mumbai, Viraj Mehta, Managing Director at Equirus spoke about Equirus Long Horizon Fund, highlighting our emphasis on prudent investment choices. Rather than solely pursuing companies in the limelight or those attracting widespread attention, our approach centers around meticulously selecting investments based on careful analysis.

Viraj also shared insights into his investment philosophy. He emphasized three ways to achieve substantial returns in the market: identifying companies with untapped potential, recognizing shifts in earnings, and understanding how business models evolve.

He highlighted the importance of buying value, even during market downturns, as it leads to exceptional returns over the long term.

Viraj emphasized his goal at Equirus Capital is to find undervalued companies with strong management and invest wisely. By focusing on value and quality, he aims to generate alpha for their investors.