Account Balance

What is account balance?

An account balance is the total amount of money in a particular bank account. The account balance can be found by subtracting any outstanding transactions from the account's starting balance. This number can be used to determine how much money is available to spend or save.

How to check post office account balance?

To check your post office account balance, you can either call the customer service on toll-free number 8424046556 to get a mini statement of your account or you can check online.

How to check Sukanya Samriddhi account balance?

Follow these simple steps to know your Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account balance:

  1. Apply for login credentials through your respective bank
  2. Go to respective bank portal and login with your credentials
  3. Being done, SSY home page will appear and you can check your account balance from there.

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