What is income?

It is money earned from investment activities, businesses, services provided, or capital gains from the sale of goods and properties. Investments such as stocks and bonds are common, other investment sources such as rental property revenue and royalties also generate income.

What are different sources of Income?


Salary is probably the most common source of income. It comes from employment, usually in the form of an hourly wage, a yearly salary, or some combination thereof. Salaries are often paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


Rent is another popular source of income that includes many different types of payments. Like, tenants renting out real property such as a house or apartment; those paying to use another person’s personal property such as a car, boat, or furniture; and those who are engaging in short-term rental agreements such as Airbnb or camping sites.

Capital Gains

Capital gains refer to profits earned through investments in securities like stocks and bonds as well as other assets including real estate and commodities like gold and silver. Capital gains are typically taxed at different rates than regular income to encourage long-term investments that benefit society as a whole.

Business Income

Business income is derived from running an active business rather than passive investments like stock market trading or flipping houses. Businesses can generate money through various activities including selling products or services; providing consulting advice; leasing equipment; renting office space; manufacturing goods; offering software development solutions; etc.

Other Sources of Income

Income from other sources can take many forms such as alimony payments, lottery winnings, inheritances, royalties from artistic works (e.g., music), gambling winnings, interest earned on savings accounts, etc.

How to apply income certificate online?

Applying for an income certificate online in India is a relatively straightforward process allowing individuals to have one less physical investment to worry about. Go to The application involves the submission of various documents, such as employer information and bank account details, to prove financial circumstances. Depending on the local governing body, biometric identification may be required.

Once the documents are submitted, they will be reviewed securely and a new certificate or update made available to the applicant. This can then be used when making investment decisions as proof of financial stability and status.

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