What is kiosk?

A kiosk is an interactive, self-service system typically located in public areas and used for a variety of purposes. It typically consists of a digital display screen with either a keyboard and mouse or touch screen interface that allows users to interact with the system.

Kiosks can provide information, serve as a storefront for goods or services, accept payments and donations, offer access to public services, enable ticket and membership purchases, streamline check-in processes at events, or direct visitors through museums and other venues.


An ATM and a kiosk are similar in that they both allow users to access digital services without physically going to a store location. However, the two machines offer different services. An ATM is primarily used as a cash machine, while a kiosk can offer a variety of services such as ticketing and printing. Kiosks also often have interactive touch screens that can provide customers with additional customization options and more detailed products or services. A kiosk's ability to give consumers more flexibility makes it an ideal option for businesses looking to offer their customers an all-encompassing user experience.

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