What is Kisht?

In India, "Kisht" refers to a method of payment or installment commonly used in various financial transactions. This system allows individuals to repay loans or make purchases through installment payments over a specified period.

Kisht arrangements are prevalent in diverse sectors, including banking, retail, and consumer finance, providing flexibility and convenience to both borrowers and lenders.

Key Features of Kisht

  1. Installment Payment: Kisht involves breaking down the total amount owed into smaller, manageable installments that are paid at regular intervals over a predetermined period. These installments typically include both principal and interest components, allowing borrowers to repay the loan gradually.

  2. Flexibility: Kisht arrangements offer flexibility to borrowers by enabling them to choose the frequency of installment payments based on their financial capabilities and preferences. Installments can be made monthly, quarterly, or according to other agreed-upon schedules.

  3. Interest Calculation: The interest charged on Kisht transactions is calculated based on the outstanding balance of the loan or purchase amount. As borrowers make installment payments, the outstanding balance decreases, resulting in a reduction in the amount of interest charged over time.

  4. Loan Repayment: Kisht is commonly used in loan repayment scenarios, such as personal loans, auto loans, home loans, and business loans. By spreading the repayment over multiple installments, borrowers can avoid the burden of making a lump-sum payment and manage their finances more effectively.

  5. Retail Transactions: In addition to loans, Kisht arrangements are also prevalent in retail transactions, allowing consumers to purchase goods or services and pay for them in installments. This approach is particularly common in sectors like electronics, furniture, and appliances, where retailers offer financing options to attract customers.

Benefits of Kisht

  1. Affordability: Kisht arrangements make expensive purchases or loan repayments more affordable by spreading the cost over time. This enables individuals to acquire assets or fulfill their financial obligations without straining their finances.

  2. Convenience: By offering flexible installment payment options, Kisht transactions provide convenience to both buyers and sellers. Borrowers can repay loans or make purchases without facing immediate financial strain, while lenders and retailers can attract more customers by offering financing solutions.

  3. Financial Planning: Kisht facilitates better financial planning and budgeting for borrowers, as they can anticipate and manage their installment payments effectively. This helps borrowers avoid defaulting on payments and maintain a positive credit history.

  4. Market Access: Kisht arrangements broaden market access by making products and services more accessible to a wider range of consumers. This promotes economic growth and consumption by allowing individuals to participate in the economy and access essential goods and services.

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